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Restaurant Review: Rockfish Grill

Last night after registering at Bed Bath and Beyond we headed next door to the Rockfish Grill.

Some of our friends had told us how good it was and that it had a gluten free menu, so we were sold!


I was so happy Aaron wanted to try a new place and one that had a menu just for ME… Ok ok not just for me but for gluten intolerant peeps!


As you can tell from the pics the lights were low! The place was packed but we only had to wait about 5 minutes to be seated but about 20 minutes for our food… We took a while to order so it was probably our fault. I couldn’t decide what I wanted and we have been spoiled with seafood at the Millers recently between fish tacos made from the Alaskan fish they caught on their fishing excursion to shrimp and crab!!

I ended up ordering the Shrimp Martini. It was featured as a starter but I made it my meal. It came with celery instead of chips to make it gluten free.


Aaron ordered the soup and salad since they had clam chowder and the boy just loves chowder- I need to learn how to make it! Sorry I didn’t get a pic of his before he wolfed it down! He said it was delicious. We both decided we would come back, it was a nice atmosphere and good meal!

Got a quick 4 miles in this morning and
now I am off to board my plane finally for Fresno with my compression socks on! Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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  1. Sounds like a yummy meal! So glad you and your Valentine got to enjoy a dinner together before you left today. I am sure enjoying your posts! Safe travels!


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