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wanna be snow day!

With the weather forecast predicting snow today I got up with the sun and knocked out 2.5 miles really quick- just as I was wrapping up it started to sleet.

By the time I got cleaned up for church there was already a good covering on the roads and grass.

Church today was awesome, as always! I love how the messages always hit home for me! While focusing on the wellness of our soul Aaron pointed out to me that mine might be unhealthy because drivenness is a sign that one’s soul is not well. He says I am too driven with work, working out and school… Hmmm I guess I might just need to take a look at my life and make sure that I am focused more on the glory being God’s and not jumping from one thing to the next without taking time to enjoy life.

Post lunch Moriah fixed an awesome lunch of King Ranch Chicken gluten free style. I will have to get the recipe and share it with you- so hearty and warm in my belly!

The roads looked like this before lunch


And have just gotten worse and worse.

Now I am sitting at the airport waiting to board a plane that was suppose to have taken off 10 minutes ago


I honestly thought my flight would be cancelled… But they are keeping us waiting and not canceling it yet,

Oh and update on the scones- when Aaron took me to the airport he said he couldn’t wait to get home and eat a scone for a snack- I take it they are a hit! Yay!!!! Now I just need to remember not to make them too often and burn him out on them.

Please say a prayer I either have a canceled flight or get to Fresno safely tonight!

On a side note:

My brother sent me this pic of a new calf back on the farm- oh how I miss those little guys!!


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