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Valentiney surprises!

This Valentine’s Day (actually this whole week) I will be out of town. I am heading out tomorrow for Fresno, California for my internship with Alltech to work at the World Ag Expo. I am very excited to see what this event is all about, I have heard lots of exciting things and also am happy to meet up with my fellow TMC and bride to be (we have a lot in common- same job and relationship status haha) Amyand also meet Corey’s parents who live nearby! Not to mention some Purdue alum that will also be there- cough cough- the one and only Beau Williamson! If any of you readers are going to be there come hunt me down please!

Soooo anyways after a nice morning of catch up on laundry and ironing I headed out to do some errands and meet Moriah for some shopping. We didn’t find exactly what we were looking for but it was still nice to get some new tops and spend some time with the adorable Bryleigh!

After the mall I set out to find Aaron’s real Valentine’s day gift since the mall didn’t carry the brand I was looking for… And I found just the item.

Bet you can’t guess what’s inside!?!?

Then I got busy making some goodies for Aaron to survive the week and have a homemade (favorite meal even) Valentine’s dinner… Just warmed up on the night of- hey a working girl has to do what a traveling girl has to do to show some love.

Chicken and Rice was the first item on the menu…


Just pour 1/2 cup rice on the bottom, cover with 1 can cream of mushroom soup, and 1 cup milk. Place chicken on top…


Cover with foil and bake for 1 hour.

Next up- my first time making Chocolate Chip scones. Aaron has raved about these scones that a sweet neighbor lady made him back home… I snapped a pic of the recipe last time I raided Mrs Jenning’s recipe card box and voila:


Easy as can be and smelled so good!!



Just make sure to use the mini chips


And now since I know Aaron won’t read this blog post… I am off to write a quick letter and clean up the kitchen and leave his surprises for the week and then back to thesis writing 🙂 yes I am a wild and crazy one on the weekends I know 😉


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