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Running gear decoded:Where did you get that? What is that for?

These are many of the questions that I have been getting about my running gear and also my recovery aids.

I am more than happy to share what I have found works the best and what I use all of the time, I know I found myself reading a ton of blogs before buying certain items. Let’s be honest, it can get expensive before you know it… I mean who would have thought something as simple as running could turn into a financial investment if you allow it?!?

The watch that you have seen on my runnings posts is the Garmin Forerunner 305.

My review on this is that while it might seem bulky, when on I do not even notice it and those large numbers DO come in handy while I running like the wind run for miles and miles. I bought mine off Amazon because I had a Discover card credit from the bonus credits I got from buying things with my card. So in all honesty, I got it for free! It is a little pricey but mine would not receive signal worth a darn so I called Garmin and they were happy to exchange out a new watch for me YAHOO talk about great customer service!

I know others who have bought this watch at Target, Best Buy, and many other stores. Bottom line is, you will love the convenience of having your mile count, mile pace and calories all on your wrist! I cannot tell you how easy it is to pace myself with this bad boy!

My next favorite are the compression socks that I bought. I got the black pair off Amazon as found in the link provided, but they only have white and pink now. I got a “small” pair and the fit is great.

When I would take a run any longer than four miles my legs would ache and ache for a few days, especially if I rode in the vehicle or sat in the office. These socks prevent any soreness and keep my circulation going… I would buy a compression body suit if I could because that would be oh so attractive!! Another positive about these socks is I can wear them with any of my shoes and jeans and no one can even tell! I purchased my socks through Amazon, but I am sure you can find them at your local sporting goods store or a fitness clothing website.

Post long runs I FOAM ROLL! This is like a major massage for my whole body! I bought my foam roller from Wal-Mart for $15 and it works awesome. It looks similar to this

I found the above one on Amazon found HERE

I had read about foam rollers a lot on blogs but thought it was silly to spend $15-20 on a piece of foam when I could just stretch for free. When we were in Denver our hotel fitness room had a roller and Corey showed me how to use it and I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Definitely helped my whole body, from my back to my calves and especially my IT band, which I tend to have problems with.

When it comes to shoes, I have to admit that I LOVE my Brooks that I got for Christmas from my brother (my twin found them and he paid her back). I had never ever worn a pair from Brooks and had been just a running shoe junky not sticking to any brand in specific.

These have changed my life… or my legs at least. They are lightweight and so comfortable. They can be purchased online HERE .

Thorlo socks fit right inside my running shoes and are super cushy and keep any blisters from occurring.

I think that sums up about my main gear that I suggest thus far, happy shopping… as if you needed an excuse huh?


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  1. Thank you!!! I will be checking into all these items!!! Very helpful info…. Now if I just had you to run with!!!!

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