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Only 3 miles short of a half

This morning at 6am I met up with my fellow Dallas Rock n’ Roll Half marathon trainees – Corey and Holly. HUGE shout out to these ladies for keeping me from getting bored and giving up on long runs!!

Our goal was 9 miles before our days started. Pre race fuel for me was my normal gluten free oats. Corey’s new diet per doctors instructions limited her intake to an egg and Holly had a Luna bar (yes while running we do talk about what we ate and what fuels us).

Unfortunately about 4 miles into our run Corey had to stop- trust me I would also if all I had was one egg for breakfast!

Thankfully Holly and I had each other to run with, it was dark and I was worried about Corey making it to her car.

At around 7 miles we had a couple Honey Stinger Chews I had a whole package of them in my pocket, but surprisingly two each gave us the energy we needed.

Pomegranate Passion is the flavor I bought a large pack of from Amazon.

After lots of great convo and an awesome pace Holly and I accomplished our 9 miles AND burned off MANY servings of FRO YO 923 calories!


We did it a little faster than I had figured on- which made me happy! We were not racing and this was a new length for both of us!

Bummed that Corey felt so bad, but got to give the girl props- she got up early and tried!

Post run fuel was


Turned into a peanut butter and banana corn tortilla mmmmm


Quick and easy, then I foam rolled a lot of my stiff muscles and stretched! Now I am walking from my car to my office ad i type this up, multitasking for sure- it is a good fifteen minute walk. I made sure to put on my new compression socks!

They literally save me!! If you are on your feet a lot or run seriously invest in a pair!!

If my legs are still in good shape I am going to be pounding the pavement with Corey so that she can try to get her run in… lots of miles 🙂



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  1. you are awesome!!! I sooooo wish i lived by you, as you would keep me going. I would love a running, fro yo buddy!! BTW, i am a big fan of FRO YO!!! I even add banana chopped up. I think of you. You are in great shape girlie!! proud of you!! 🙂


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