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This morning I opened my email to see a sweet surprise from my twin, she wanted to pass along the information that the restaurant chain, Cheeseburger in Paradise has a gluten free menu!

Check it out:
Gluten free menu

I am so impressed that they even have gluten free BUNS!!! I cannot even think of a restaurant that I have been to that has hamburger buns that I could eat if I wanted… I am so impressed!

I remember eating at this popular chain a lot while living back home in Indiana. Have not seen one down here in Texas, but I certainly won’t forget about this menu when I head home!!

To boot- The atmosphere is so fun anyways with Jimmy Buffet songs and a very happy crew!

What is your favorite gluten free restaurant? I am excited to try out Cheeseburger in Paradise next time I am home!

These ribs are calling my name


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  1. Love it!!!

  2. Oh Jessica, you will just love the gluten free menu there!! I try to visit Cheeseburger in Paradise when I am in Indy since they have gluten free buns! Also, if you get back to Purdue and eat at Scotty’s Brewhouse, they are now serving Udi’s buns and cookies for dessert! Yum!! 🙂


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