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Wedding planning

With the wedding coming up here in a few months ideas have been bobbing around in my head and also my Mom’s and my twin’s. Thankfully they are very crafty and creative and have already gotten to work on a few items. Homemade pieces that will make our special day even more special.

While planning the food, cake and such I try to keep in mind my gluten intolerance as well as other guests. I had no idea, but I guess one of my cousin’s bridesmaids was gluten intolerant so they had a special cake for her AWESOME!!!

My best friend/sister's wedding cake time

Truth be told, I do not like cake… and am not worried about a huge fancy cake… BUT know that it is one of those traditions that just is expected.  My sister did not have a gluten free cake… hence instead of being fed it Jordan did this…

Smeared icing on her shoulder...???

Smearing icing on her should was the perfect way to avoid glutening his bride… how terrible would that have been on their wedding night!?!?! ahhhhhh

For myself and others who do not like cake or do not want it I have a special surprise in store for them at my wedding 🙂 I am excited about it myself… only a few more months until the amazing surprise treat wedding!! 😉


My Mom made the tablecover for the cake table… how awesome is she?!?!

What is your favorite part of a wedding? The meal? Cake? Dancing??

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  1. Love all of your creativity, and well again I am so excited for you two!

  2. Can’t wait to see you on your special day! I didn’t know your sister was gluten free too! It was a beautiful wedding. I hAve to say I loved dancing at our wedding!! Annnnnnd we will share anniversaries!!! Love it!! I am here for you if you need any help!! Xoxo


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