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Fort Worth weekend

Just wanted to do a quick recap of my weekend- it was fast and fun and I cannot believe it’s a new week already!

After driving on Friday afternoon/evening we ate at Del Friscos as I had previously mentioned. When I spoke with the server he said they could accommodate my gluten allergy easily. Long story short I had a filet, asparagus, some crab and blue bell ice cream for dessert and was perfectly healthy and my tummy was full as can be!

Side note: when I gave the server a hard time about bringing me the rest of the blue bell he said that it was a special flavor just made for Del Friscos– blah it was homemade vanilla, believe me I have had so much of it I can recognize it with one bite! Just made me laugh!

Saturday morning I was overwhelmed with options, but that was the great part! Heather had bought me gluten free cereal, gluten free cinnamon raisin bread and I had brought some of my gluten free oats.


The bread was such a treat, I warmed a couple slices up in the microwave and enjoyed bread for the first time since I spent New Years at the Jennings. I typically do not buy a lot of gluten free breads and such, but it was such a treat and this brand was moist and delicious with just enough raisins! Heather was too sweet to be prepared for me! 🙂

We soon headed to the show and watched for a while. Around lunch time Heather, Matt, Mrs Jennings and I went to Sweet Tomato– a salad and soup venue that was amazing! For $8.99 you could load up on salad, soup, lots of pastries (non gluten free), sweet potatoes, potatoes, veggies, fruit, and last but NoT least FROZEN YOGURT!!


I fully indulged and tried some great couscous and had a sweet tater (my fav) and salad with some great toppings. I forgot to take a pic of the fro yo I ate, but let’s just say I might have had triple the serving I should have. I highly suggest Sweet Tomato for lunch, lots of options and a sweet treat is included!

Heather and I then went back to our favorite little boutique in the area and she showed me the dresser she is wanting to add to their cute home, a nice break from standing on the cement watching the show.

Sunday was a blur of fighting for a place to watch the show.

After the show we headed to Menchies to celebrate Millers success.


I don’t have any pics of Gabe showing as it is “bad luck” to take pics.

Heather and I enjoyed a round of fro yo before the Millers arrived.


Hard to believe we are already back in Lubbock, but we had a great weekend with friends and Aarons family.

Happy Monday everyone!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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