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Weekend out and about

This weekend we headed off to Ruidoso, New Mexico with some of our friends.


We left with intentions of a good time skiing and seeing lots of snow… Needless to say the wind (around 50 mph or more) kept us in town and not on the slopes, but we had a blast still!

We ended up having an awesome view from our hotel that at least made us think we were far from west Texas.


We spent a lot of time in town and our men convinced us to go back to their favorite time period they wish they were John Wayne


We had a lot of laughs while taking these pictures… There were many more but this was the only approved one from us ladies (yes we don’t look quite Ladylike in the pics, but really).

We ate a lot of food and only made one fro yo stop


We picked up some amazing lemon olive oil from one of the local shops and made fish tacos last night. Gluten free and all! I will post the recipe tomorrow. They were delicious and it was nice to have a meal I knew I could trust, we ate out the whole time in Ruidoso and while I only had one little gluten run in the first meal- it’s always a great feeling to know how my meal was prepared and that it’s gluten free.

After some amazing fish tacos we got back into the western theme and watched what else?!? A western- the guys loved it!!!

Thankful for good friends and good times, moments that gave our abs a good work out and memories that we can laugh even more about later 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend and a happy Monday!!


Just a quick photo recap of some of our shopping and adventure:


Yes Aaron wanted this fur


Bought Aaron a few of these for only about $30 a piece back when we visited his sister and brother in law in Fort Worth and found this exact same Japanese fishing float for $125 at the antique store this weekend!!!!! Score for me a while back huh?!? 🙂


And I will leave you with Jesse James 😉


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  1. Ahh tcby. I miss them, they closed down near me.


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