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Hunger on the go

Does anyone else sit in the car and mindlessly gnaw on whatever is in sight? Now I do not mean the cell phone charger… But if there’s a bag of chips or cookies nearby your hand just cannot stay out of them??

I am all too familiar with this chain of events and find my booty in the car seat so often these days.

Something about sitting all day and eating junk just makes me feel gross!

When I don’t have time to grab one of these


Or obviously cannot shovel a fork after fork of salad into my mouth… I have to get creative with my snacks on the go.

Top choices of mine include:

Carrot sticks (my Alltech boss calls me Jessica rabbit now haha)

Baked corn tortilla chips




Almonds and other nuts

And to round out my day


I know I am Terrible, but I am officially addicted and if that’s my vice then so be it… Just don’t fro yo and drive… I will eat it for you hold it for you while you drive 🙂

Safe travels this weekend!


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