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Funny you ask…

I don’t know about you, but going to a friend’s or family member’s house for a meal or party can be almost as stressful as a first date!!

The LAST thing you want is to end up sick as a dog before you leave and worst of all it would last for days after depending on just how much gluten you consumed.

I always have a plan and it’s awesome because Aaron is very helpful in these situations. He is sometimes my gluten free hero!!

Step One: Do NOT go hungry! Very very important because you really don’t know what to expect.

Step Two: Pack a gluten free bar or convenient piece of fruit in your purse… No one will notice if you sneak away to the restroom because you’re about ready to pass out and sneak a few quick bites of something… Just check your teeth before going back out 😉

Step Three: Check out the menu before diving in, if you have a good idea of what the options are you can fill your plate accordingly on the first time through the buffet line.

Step Four: Do not be afraid to talk to the cook/hostess. Aaron is so good about asking them how they prepared it or what they seasoned it with… Believe it or not spices get me sick more than anything. These simple questions can help you know what’s safe or what’s not and when Aaron does it people genuinely think he is wanting to know how to cook it in the future and not criticizing, just be careful how it comes off. (my old roommate fixed steaks and Aaron was over and blatantly asked what he seasoned the steak with, well my roommate thought he was being a snob and not wanting to eat certain flavors… It was funny once we got it all straightened out)

Step Five: Bring your own side dish that is gluten free so you will have something to share and something you can eat confidently!

Step Six: Do not let your gluten intolerance be the main topic of discussion all night. I know I get embarrassed if it’s made into a big deal so just try to change the subject and move on… Pretty soon no one will even think differently of you.

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