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My Weakness

As many of you can tell if you follow my blog for more than 2 posts, I have a major weakness for fro yo, ice cream and frozen custard.

The best part is that all of these can be gluten free.


Sheridan’s is frozen custard and the Vanilla and Chocolate (the only options flavor wise) are gluten free. There are fruity mix ins and also nuts that would be gluten free. For your non-gluten free friends there are a ton of mix ins and toppings that are just overflowing with gluten that they would also love… so drag anyone here for a tasty treat!

Locations are all over the United States, but I am a frequent shopper at the Lubbock one. You get a bag like above when you buy a quart… and that’s exactly what I get… and sometimes TWO!! Yes I have a problem, but it’s cheaper to get it in a quart than a couple of scoops and it serves as my dinner πŸ™‚

Another frozen custard treat is Culver’s. This is just as yummy as Sheridan’s but has a lot more flavors, a unique one everyday and then the leftovers are sold by the quart and pint later. My brother-in law frequently surprises my twin with a quart on his way back from town!! SPOILED ROTTEN I know, but we get it honestly!!


Pinkberry in Denver was a tasty treat, but a lot more expensive than most frozen yogurt stores I have been to. There were mostly fruity flavors and then chocolate and peanut butter. I tried the chocolate and ordered it. This one is NOT self serve for the frozen yogurt or the toppings so it is not as fun as others that I have had.

The KING AND QUEEN of them all COSTCO’s food court frozen yogurt. You get a huge cup of frozen yogurt for ONLY $1.35… which means everytime my sister, Mom and I go we demolish I mean eat delicately about SIX cups total between the three of us! Not kidding!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€




Spoonful in Lubbock was my first introduction to frozen yogurt outside of Red Mango (which I did not really like). At Spoonful, I am 99.9% sure that the yellow cake batter is not gluten free as I was sick after eating it many times, but IF you aren’t gluten intolerant it is AMAZING!! Other than that you can’t go wrong with the Carmel de luche, pumpkin, various seasonal flavors as well as traditional vanilla, chocolate, and tart.

My sister will kill me for posting the below picture, as we were on a quick run onto campus with one mission: to introduce her to my addiction of Spoonful… and I ended up spending $20.00+ dollars on fro yo that night as we walked and talked and then went back 3 times!!! She was very impressed and made the most of her one night adventure to Spoonful!!


Like I said, I get my addiction quite honestly as my Mom has the biggest sweet tooth on the planet!! She told us that when we were little she would say that her sweet tooth was craving something and we would look at her mouth and ask

“Mommy, which one is your sweet tooth?”

She would respond with:


Yes, she admitted this to us and has been nominated as THE BEST MOM OF the YEAR for her allowance of large quantities of sweets all of the time!

I LOVE MY MOM, almost as much as I love fro yo and ice cream!! πŸ˜‰ Ok it’s not even close, but we do enjoy it together and that is awesome!!


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