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Heaven in a roll…

Ok sorry to disappoint you if you were expecting a recipe for gluten free rolls… I foam rolled for the first time ever this morning.

If you are sore, have an aching back, tight muscles or just want to check it out… Go grab a foam roller and try it!!! It always sounded weird to roll some foam all over and come out feeling like a new woman, but I sure did!


After a 3.5 mile run on the dreadmill treadmill I took some notes from Corey


She showed me the various ways to hit all the sore muscles



Then I got busy… And let out a sigh when my muscles felt a little piece of heaven during and after rolling


Not even kidding I am a new woman and so happy!

I am going to be looking online for my very own foam roller because it is just what I need post workout and just in general… Foam rolling addict = me!!


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