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Work out fuel

This morning we did the Brazilian Butt lift workout times 2!! I was kind of still asleep when we got started and forgot to drink some l-carnitine or eat anything so 10 minutes into the workout I wasn’t feeling too hot.

Made me realize I never post what I eat before during and after a work out so all you other gluten free work out fools have a good idea of fuel for you and if you aren’t gluten free these are also great and suggested for you!

The first thing I love is l carnitine citrus flavor. I make sure and drink some water after taking about 2 tablespoons of the liquid and am ready to rock a 30-60 minute work out.

If I am traveling a banana will do to get about a 30 minute work out in, but anything longer I need some almonds or something extra to get my rear in gear.

Before any long run I will eat my oat mixture, I have not had any problems with the pumpkin or chocolate variation and will post these recipes for the recipe page.

In addition, after working out I take a probiotic and a womens multivitamin before eating a real breakfast.

After a cold workout I love starting the rehydrating process with tea!



In addition to a lot of water! I love this flavor of tea and enjoy it in my tervis and then fill it up with water after the tea is gone and there is always a hint of flavor to my water then!!

What are your favorite pre and post work out snacks? Enjoy!!


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