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We had a great day at the Denver Merchandise Mart and we were all smiles at the end of the day!!

Nothing beats a good day of work, granted my day wasn’t too terribly hard but it was a good one and I appreciated being able to do some shopping also… Damage done and can’t return…oh darn!

After our day, we headed to Maggianos for a celebratory Hot Iron dinner. Corey and I again shared the gluten free pasta with meat sauce and veggies and were on cloud 9!!!

Then for the real treat: Pinkberry fro yo!!!

We were Pinkberry newbies and ventured just to the right of Maggianos to the local shop. It was not a self serve fro yo place like we are used to and their samples are given upon request so we didn’t consume 173839 ounces of samples before deciding which flavor we were going to fill our cups up with like normal… I tried chocolate and fell in love with the richness and Corey tried and got the peanut butter and Dinah tried the blood orange and then got the chocolate and peanut butter swirled.


It was delicious, but more expensive than most frozen yogurt places and not as cool since it wasn’t self serve… But still an amazing treat (I apologize if I came off as a fro yo snob)!!

My tummy is full as can be and so happy to have been treated!!


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