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Oxygen deprived texans

This morning we conquered SIX miles!!! We are proud of ourselves for accomplishing this in Denver- much higher altitude than Lubbock where we normally run!

We set off not able to get our Garmins to work. Eventually Corey’s started to work and off we went.

It was a rough run for both of us, when we started out we were trying to decide our pace but the faster I thought we were going, the slower it actually was according to the Garmin 😦 but we kept at it and once we got out of downtown and to the City Park I knew we could do it!

A little over an hour later we accomplished our goal!!


We were so excited and made it back downtown!! Such a different scene than Lubbock


We did not intend to match but animal print running beasts we were


P.s we were fueled by some awesome dinner and fro yo last night!!


And Sweet Rush fro yo (8 calories per oz AND they could blend it up like a blizzard)



Off to work! Have a great Sunday!!


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