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Gluten free BFF time

On our first night in Denver we had a veryyyyy late and much needed lunch/dinner at 9pm at the nearby Maggianos which just so happens to be pretty much right across from our hotel! SCORE!!

Corey has never had the pleasure of dining at Maggianos and I reassured her that their gluten free items were quite yummy!

After setting up the Hot Iron booth we went to the yards where Corey met up with Jordan and I met up with a fellow Boilermaker!

We never got lunch so when she suggested it as we were headed back to our hotel after catching up with our significant others and friends at the Double Tree for judging, I was beyond pumped. She had no idea what she had been missing out on!

When our waiter came to our table he asked if we were having a BFF dinner. We laughed and said we are here for work, but then later realized that in all honesty we were mixing work with pleasure between gluten free deliciousness, the stock show and such.

The server had a cook come talk to us and we decided on the corn over the white rice pasta and had meat sauce added to it. To get some veggies I ordered asparagus and Corey ordered spinach.


Small world when my twin was in Denver she also has the exact same meal!!! We love it!!

Love love love Maggianos!!! Go there for your next BFF date 😉


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