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Running like the wind… Or something like that

I woke up to my alarm at 5:45 mountain time, reminding me to check in for my flight in the morning… Yep less than 24 hours until I am Denver bound with Corey to promote and sell Hot Iron

Should be a great time and I also think I will get to attend the National Western judging banquet- last year Aaron’s wool team won!



And I have full faith they can pull out another W this year after just winning the San Angelo contest back in December!

So I should have gone running in the hotel- a hot run is better than a realllly windy one (I say that and they both are awful in all reality). Once I got back to Lubbock the wind was rip roaring and I still had not gotten my 3 miles in that I am supposed to for my training… It was dark when I left new Mexico just to justify this.

Anyways I knew I needed to and would not rest tonight if I didn’t- so I did and ate the wind the whole 3.5 miles!! But I feel accomplished and it’s done- so glad I sucked it up and went!!

Off to finish packing and making sure I have plenty of work out gear in addition to cute clothes to rock Denver!!



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