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Raging metabolism

This morning I thought I would just grab some breakfast from the hotel and be good to go


I only made it through 2 eggs before about gagging- I have no idea why but hotel boiled eggs taste weeks old, who knows maybe they are!

On the way to the office I stopped at a gas station and grabbed a chocolate muscle milk. First time trying it and loved the taste, only problem is liquids do not fill me up and 230 calories, 25 grams of protein and 9 grams of fat later plus the hotel breakfast- still ready to eat my arm!!

So I had my midmorning snack of a banana and almonds… And then baked tortilla chips and cottage cheese (yes I am addicted to the salty and cold combo) and then wasn’t hungry for lunch until 1:00- thank goodness because I was questioning my raging metabolism and getting frustrated!

Anyone else ever have one of those days where they could eat the whole pantry before 9am!??


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