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This morning I set off back to New Mexico to work on more projects for the Alltech North American Lecture tour. The drive was 1 1/2 hours so I blasted some k-love and gave my life some thought. God keeps on blessing me and I am thankful for all of them, but praying for guidance as my future is changing everyday and I am about to graduate and will begin working full time.

My day went by very quickly and after some work errands I ran into the mall to find a pair of comfy cute shoes so I could quit wearing the soles off of my elephant boots Aaron got me for my first birthday dating him


Make note they are in much better shape in this pic as this was before I walked 300 billion miles in them on campus, at stock shows and the like.

I had shopped some online but I hate not being able to try shoes on because I require a perfect fit and cushion otherwise I am a pouter and sourpuss happy go lucky person who will wear whatever until they wear out… Ok ok i will return them and go back to wearing out my boots or whatever else nice I have

Sooooo here we have it folks

My very first pair of Sperrys!! I swore I would never own a pair and my twin always asked me once I moved to Texas if I would get a pair… Well I finally tried on a pair and was pleased with how they fit and they were very cushy… So they are mine… At least until I decide $86 is too much for a pair of shoes and take them back.

After shopping I went for a quick run near my hotel. Still haven’t figured out a good place to run, but knew the work out room was not as option since it’s the hot box!!

I ran 2.5 miles at a normal pace and then walked and talked on the phone for about 20 minutes.

I wore my other new kicks that I got for Christmas from my brother


I was trying to decide if I really needed another pair of running shoes and thus the almost 3 week lateness in wearing them once I got them- see I wasn’t lying about taking stuff back. BUT I am so glad I didn’t- these puppies were so light and comfortable!!! Definitely keepers!

Runnng along the road was a ton of broken glass and bottles


Seriously people don’t throw out your windows!!!! Anywhos I will spare you my venting- off to snack on my think thin bar


And get some more work accomplished!


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