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Good ol’ Sunday

This morning I took a swig of liquid l-carnitine and got busy doing legs and back P-90x style. It was a great way to start my day and left my muscles feeling like they knew I meant business 😉

Breakfast was welcomed as I had some tea:


And attempted to repeat breakfast from yesterday but ended up more of a crumble, but still delicious!

Headed into the office to print off the class syllabus for the class I am the teaching assistant for and also submitted my revised research paper- love feeling accomplished before heading to church!!

If you are ever in the panhandle make sure to stick around for a Sunday and attend church at the best church ever (Harvest Christian Fellowship) or check out their site and download their previous sermons and subscribe to their podcasts!

The one time my twin came to visit she attended with us and now listens to the sermons on her long drive to work- makes the days and drives much better!


After church I went to lunch with my future brother and sister in law and the cute future niece

She wouldn’t stand still long enough for me to capture her blinging bracelets!

Lunch was my fav gf margarita chicken at chilis!

Then back to the office I went until my fellow fro yo lover came and walked to Spoonful with me where we got our first bowls of fro yo since my engagement weekend! That’s been forever ago (only a month but that’s years in fro yo dates)!!!

Walked, talked, ate fro yo… Made myself not go back for more… And had a great Sunday!

Hope you did also!


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