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Why not?

This morning I started out with my oats in pancake form…

Those were the last couple of bites 🙂 I dug right in- I just added 3 egg whites to my normal oats instead of water and made it in the skillet… Delicious and perfect warm breakfast before the big day!

I drove into the office to print off a draft of my thesis and a paper I have been working on, snacked on a banana and some almonds and then hit the road to meet Corey at a new running place she found in Lubbock (new to us)!

We ended up accomplishing 5 miles! I was proud of her, just a little secret- I have known Corey for a year now and when I met her she said she could NOT run and she didn’t regularly work out… And now she goes to the gym way more than me and is a running fool like myself- why not huh?? What better way to catch up than while burning calories?

After our run we walked for a couple miles and then headed to her apartment for lunch. She made amazing gluten free pizza- I am so stealing her recipe and making it soon I hope!! She also made a yummy treat for dessert which neither of us felt guilty eating- so we did!!

Looking forward to more long runs in the weeks to come as our half marathon is less than 3 months away- wow!!!!



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