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Banice cream

After working in the office today and a little pinteresting I was ready for a snack and a break.
I now realize I have to stop pinteresting anytime other than when I am eating a meal because I will see the yummy food and snacks that were pinned- my brain will tell my stomach to rumble so I will reach in my never ending snack drawer at work (one time when I pulled out a snack and my whole work out ensemble another student asked if I had anything left at my house hahaha funny funny).

Even funnier some pins that made me laugh and also realize there’s more to pinterest than just the yummy photos:


Haha got to love it!!


I sent the last one to aaron because he owns a pair of crocs and he immediately responded with- are you insinuating that is me?!?
I laughed and text back that it made me laugh especially the cute kitty.

Then, I quote, directly from Aaron’s text- that’s an ugly old orange Tom cat!

I was appalled… So I quite texting and I sent my sister the above texts and she lol’d it- see if I share my funny pins with someone anymore 😉

Anywhos snack time it was:


Trying to be healthy- frozen bananas, pb2, and some ice and water blended up…


I showed that snack I meant business and almost failed to get a pic of the end result!

Yummy peanut butter and banana frozen snack… And best of all- gluten and dairy free 🙂


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