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2012 Goals

Many people make New Year’s Resolutions, I have never really done that nor do I plan on it. BUT I do have some goals I hope to accomplish and will keep you updated on their status.

1. Pray more

2. Run a half marathon with my twin and (Miss Corey Duysen)

Post Registering for the half

3. Visit my family farm and my family on a regular basis

This was not done in our bedroom so my Mom cannot be mad at us... haha

4. Successfully defend my thesis… biggest stress thus far

5. Help lamb out Aaron and I’s ewes that we did the embryo program with

One of last year's lambs...

6. Eat my body weight in fro yo and ice cream… over the course of the year 😉

With the help of my Mom, what a trooper to eat it with me I know 😉

7. Travel to a new state or country and take a long run

This past summer I studied abroad in Costa Rica and also ran the countryside with Dr Burris

8. Graduate from Texas Tech with my Master’s degree in Agricultural Communications.

9. Marry my best friend

10. Say thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way to accomplish these goals and to all who have loved me, helped me, supported me and who reads my blog.


Thanking God for 2011, but praying the best for you and yours in 2012!


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