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What a whirlwind this past month has been… hard to believe I have been engaged for almost a whole month… and LESS than six months until my wedding… yes the date has been set and I will be getting married May 26th, 2012.

Some Christmas catch up before the New year:

New Christmas jacket from my parents ūüôā

Table runner my Mom and I made for my sister


I spent the last few days at my fiancee’s families ranch

Who doesn't love baby Southdown lambs...

We spent a lot of time outside with the lambs, you could say I am mildly in love in¬†livestock… especially baby lambs and calves.

We¬†even went and picked up a couple milk goats and got a¬†bonus… Aaron and I bought a¬†KID… haha¬†he looks¬†something like this:

Spitting image of his father... oops I mean his real mother ;-)I¬†had a lot of fun playing with the kid and helping feed the lambs, instead of giving bottles the lambs that needed more milk are now¬†nursing this kid’s mama… sharing is key¬†for survival!!

I loved and loved on these lambs…


Nothing like sheep kisses

Then I loved some more…

Eventually I had to put the little stinkers down and help get some feeding done and also spend some time with my future in laws, but I cannot wait to see more next time I go down.

While down at the ranch we went to a wedding shower for one of Aaron’s friends (he will be in his wedding come¬†late February) and they incorporated us into a game… part of it included¬†advice… and Aaron looked at me and asked- “Do we have anything we can share, I¬†don’t think we¬†can lend any advice!”¬†This made me laugh.

Anyways… after some family time and some wedding planning we headed back to the L-B-K.

Yesterday I ran FOUR miles after not running since I left Indiana (don’t remind me how much of a slacker I was while on the farm… but in my defense I walked as much as possible and ate as much Blue Bell ice cream as possible ;-)… ok ok I was a piglet but that’s ok)

This morning I took off for New Mexico to go to work for my internship. It’s been a busy day and I am taking a brief break before getting back to work on our huge event coming up…

Excited to have a SIX mile run planned for on Saturday with and to get to catch up with her… it’s been almost a month since she took me to the airport… CRAZY!!!

In the meantime I am already missing my family and looking forward to seeing them next time I am home… we were very blessed to be able to spend Christmas together!


Hoping to get a workout in at the hotel tonight… then back to the grind of more work.


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