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Can’t miss my luggage

It all started years ago when my Mom and brother went to Washington D.C. My dad decided their luggage needed a high class and unique tag so that they wouldn’t lose their luggage…


Yep you got it cattle ear tags!


After spending the morning with one of my dear friends, I came home and packed and weighed and packed and weighed to get the most packed as possible!! Our scale is a little sketch on accuracy to the exact pound so I played it safe with a few pounds less then 50… Or so I thought

This morning I woke up at 4am (3am Texas time) and got ready very quickly- threw some eggs in the skillet for a quick gluten free breakfast and packed some oats for the plane ride and some fruit… I am a snackaholic and will not be able to get off the plane for over 5 hours… Got to love just stopping and picking up more happy translate!

Both of my parents took me to the airport… This was a first and I really appreciated them getting up so early and both of them making the drive into Indy. Sad to leave them!!!

Boarded now… Next post will be from Texas

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