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This morning started out with noticing we had a few neglected nanners in the kitchen. My mother buys them a lot more ripe than I do and therefore we end up with a lot of really really ripe bananas in no time!


So I asked my mom which recipe she wanted me to use for regular, not gluten free banana bread (just not craving it with all of the other items we have been munching on)- and she pulled out a cookbook she’s had for quite some time. She started to flip through to find the recipe… In no time at all she found it and it was obvious a well tested recipe: check out how used this cookbook is!!!


My mom believes in cooking and baking- homemade all the way!! Got to love knowing that this recipe made many mouths very happy- while it’s been used and abused it proved tried and true today!! Mom said the bread was delicious once out of the oven.

My Mom had the day off so we spent some time working on wedding details because it was snowing outside and we just wanted to stay where it was nice.


I hate snow and cold weather and prefer the beach and warm sun… Haha not happening today but at least Christmas itself was nice and we had a nice shopping trip yesterday to costco and some wedding dress stores. No luck except for some frozen yogurt for us (only one serving this time instead of 3) and checked out prices on meat and such for possible wedding dinner.

Nothing like classy women taking pics of themselves in Costco by the meat selection… 😉


Speaking of meat… Haha
No this is not our kitten, yes I find this ridiculously cute!!

Anywhos so for lunch today I tested out a gluten free product my mom bought for me-


Getting this BBQ when we were kids was a real treat!! Most people growing up savored the homemade meals Their family had on special occassions… Being as our family always ate homemade meals, convenience foods were remembered as unique and fun meals… Oh how times have changed.
For gluten free quick and easy meal- not too shabby. I still wonder why I preferred this over homemade meals but now I know what I really do appreciate!

Off to spend the rest of the day with my Mom before I pack up to go back to Texas… 😦


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