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Good morning runs

What a wonderful morning in Indiana!! Yes it might be muddy out but nothing like a run on a dry and warm morning (40 degrees in Dec is a heat wave for us Boilermakers- notice even though I am from Indiana I am not a Hoosier I just don’t know how people can get it mixed up)!!


By the way I needed a run after eating almost 3 servings of fat free fro yo with my twin, brother in law and mom last night during our brief visit to Costco. I just couldn’t stop and at ONLY $1.35 per cup I could splurge all I wanted- so I did!!

Yeah we are two sessy ladies hogging out I know 😉
During our ice cream intoxication we got to talking about funny things we have seen on Pinterest
This is by far my favorite:


I laugh because that little kitten with the slippers on has been me sooo many times with my twins wardrobe that it’s not even funny- just this visit while she was at work what did I do?? Yep I wore her slippers and pretty much the same scenario played out. Hehe got to love our sharing ways- more like my borrowing 😉 in my defense she has a closet the size of a small state packed full and her husband is constantly trying to pawn clothes off to me- no complaints!!

Well off to work on programming/installing my moms newest purchase!! More on that this afternoon!



Happy holidays from Fry Livestock


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  1. I love your Fry Livestock sign! Glad you are getting lots of fro yo… I haven’t seen any fro yo places since I’ve been here.


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