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My other half

I have a twin… Many people do not know that down in Texas where I go to school, but I do and she is forever my best friend.

After graduation today I went home with her. She got married last February and lives a little ways away from my family with her hubby Jordan. I introduced them back in the day at Purdue 🙂




Thankfully her husband accepts that we come as a whole package and does not mind me crashing at their lovely home. This is what happened last time i came over





Yep I single handedly ate my own container of ice cream!! Kristen ate about half and poor Jordan just ate a milk shake straight from the vita mix


Today was a little different-

After a lunch of unwiches from Jimmy johns- which are gluten free and seriously like 5 calories… Ok not that low, but they are pretty light… And some snacking on fruit and veggies and our favorite ThinkThin bars we headed out from campus to enjoy the rest of our day.

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