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Where would we be?

I know that I take for granted the fact that I wake up in the morning and am able to throw on some work out clothes and go for a run with no worries, qualms, or responsibilities.

Below you can see and I bright and early for our first 5k together 🙂

Running time

Being at home, my room is right across from my parents and I woke up yesterday and this morning to the sound of my parents getting ready to go out and do the chores. Mind you, it was 5AM! Definitely not a normal person’s time to get up and go to work, but my parents make sure to get up before they have to be at work to feed our livestock and my Mom’s favorite- take care of our kittens (high priority let me tell you)!

When I lived at home and had 4-H projects we would set our alarms during summer break to get up early to walk, rinse and feed our cattle and sheep before it got hot and light out. Those were the days… now when I come home I offer to help, but my parents have such a routine down that they do not need me to help. I do in the evenings, but not in the mornings normally.

Dinner time

With this in mind, I realize that my parents are just a couple of the people who help feed and cloth the world.

Where would we be without agriculture?

I know I for one would be clueless as to what I would have majored in for my undergraduate degree and Master’s degree as both were in the field of agriculture. Not to mention that my passions revolve around livestock.


THANK YOU to all of the farmers and ranchers who get up every morning, rain or shine, wet or dry and take care of the livestock and crops that keep us from going hungry and having to run around naked.

Feeding = Increased protein production

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