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Mom and I kind of day

When it rains in Indiana it normally turns into a muddy mess. After living in Texas for almost a year (hard to believe it has been that long) I have come to realize that rain should not be taken for granted and that the rain yields the beautiful sights and green grass I grew to take for granted.

This morning first thing my Mom said that she wanted to go check out the DePauw Nature Park. I was so excited because I had never been there before and I was not really feeling a work out by myself this morning.

So we took off, it’s only about 25 minutes to the park driving and we caught up along the way. I do miss driving in vehicle with my Mom… no matter where we went we would either jam out to Keith Urban (she thinks he is drop dead sexy) haha or just catch up on random things.

My Mama

Do you think if I sent Keith Urban this pic he would come perform live for us??!?!?! Yeah we could only hope haha.

We didn’t know what to expect, but we were both very happy with the park and had a blast!!

After hiking around we hammed it up





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