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The girls are back in town

Every time that I come home and my twin also makes it back to the farm we try to do some crafts, fix yummy snacks for our Dad and brother and his friends who get bribed to come to build fence or bail hay and most of the time we get a run in.

The view on our runs. God Bless Indiana and the corn fields

It’s funny because not only do we get a run in, we get to see a lot of our neighbors and others in our community. We live on one of the most traveled highways in the county and while we run in the side ditch and then down the country road that my granparents live on… almost every vehicle that passes us either honks, waves or we recognize. Small town love. With this said… my Mom frequently will sing “The girls are back in town” when she goes on a walk with us and witnesses all of the friendly passerbys.

Today I set out on a run by myself- not near as fun. I did my normal three mile loop and the whole time thought about how long it seemed by myself. The last time I ran this route was during my twin and I’s self made “Turkey Trot” on Thanksgiving Day after lunch.

My twin showing me what's up

Hammin it up

Hammin it up

So this morning I realized how thankful I am not only for my old running buddy, but to be home and not to have to battle the snow. Yesterday I didn’t make it out for a run because of the rain and wind (pansy I know), but I did do legs and back P90X and felt it in the hiney today!!

This afternoon my Mom and I got crafty like with some etching gel and some Pyrex pans… so cute and perfect Christmas gifts.

Looking forward to reuniting with my other half this weekend when I go see her beautiful home all decorated for the holidays 🙂


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