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Something was up…

I knew something was up when Aaron had a surprise planned for me AND I ended up finding out it included HIKING!

He is not one to exercise ever, he always has an excuse as to why he cannot go walk for walk and his only form of exertion is getting sheeo into the pens. Yes, I have one fit man on my hands. 🙂

Aaron and his sheep... true love

Back to the story… so on December 9th, not only was it a freezing fog, but it was freezing outside and Aaron was on a mission to go hiking at the Palo Duro Canyon. We had our first date here when we went to see the play Texas (incredible play and something I want to do again).

Palo Duro Canyon

Hard to believe it, but I am such a picture lover and for my birthday Aaron got me a new camera… more on that later. On the way to the Canyon he requested that I figure out how to do the self timer setting so we could takes lots of pics together. This was Clue #2 that something was up… again Aaron always finds a way out of getting pictures. On our hike we took a lot and he made sure that I taught him how to use the self timer…

Such beautiful views... highly suggest Palo Duro Canyon

So after hiking a little over two miles to the first vantage point of the Lighthouse (supposedly the best sight at the Canyon).

The Lighthouse through the fog

At this point my hands were freezing and I was ready to go back even though we had only hiked about 2 miles. Clue #3 that something was up was that Aaron was freezing and he has walked the whole way without complaining… sneaky sneaky Aaron I know.

Now Aaron decided to take some pictures of me and then wanted to use the self timer:

Exhibit A:


Aaron literally had us try this shot THREE times… even with my hands in my pocket looking like a stooge they were freezing and I politely asked Aaron if we could stop taking pictures… ok ok I might have whined a little bit and asked him if it was okay if we just used pictures from earlier to remember our hike. At this point he was fumbling for words… hand in and out of his pocket… working to get the camera to take pictures and finally he came over and started explaining things to me…

Yada Yada... the camera isn't going off long enough I only do this once...

The camera went off too quickly or maybe Aaron just talked too much (NORMAL) but… the  main thing is he did get down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He might say I screamed jumped up and down and cried but in all reality I teared up a little bit overwhelmed with this once in a lifetime moment… asked if he has asked my dad, asked if he would love me forever and then whispered a yes. I am pretty sure it was the happiest I have ever seen Aaron and he went for more pictures.

The future Mr and Mrs Jennings

The bling that Mr Jennings designed himself (obviously I had a busy summer… he spent most of July and August in the jewelry store designing it and making changes and I had NO idea). It reminds me a lot of my Grandma White’s wedding ring. She had emeralds on the sides of her main diamond, unfortunately she passed away before I ever met Aaron. Therefore, he had never seen the ring and I was shocked that it was similar and I loved it and it had an additional meaning that he had not intended.

My freezing cold hand... 😉

Now… we are thinking about getting married this coming summer (2012), but waiting to see about jobs and school as we both will graduate with our Master’s degree from Texas Tech in May. Praying for the right opportunities for the both of us and low stress as we plan our wedding.
I am back home in Indiana now and so happy to be back in the land of shorthorn cattle, green grass, rain, and best of all MY FAMILY! I am still trying to get my runs and work outs in as I train for my half marathon, but will keep you all posted on goodies we make and things we do.

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  1. So excited for all of the wedding Plans and the blogging!!

  2. I just love this post… I had to go back and read this!! What a cute love story that you will forever cherish!! So glad you have found your PRINCE!! Who would have ever thought that your internship would help lead you to your husband?? Amazing!! Aaron is such a sweetheart and loves you dearly! I am glad to share our wedding Anniversaries together in May!!

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