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As many of you know, I am a blog addict.  I like to look at blogs for health information, gluten-free recipes, agriculture pictures and articles, words of wisdom, craft ideas, and just about anything that strikes my fancy. 🙂  For class I was asked to post about blogs that I like and the reasons I like them.  I went ahead and explained features and reasons behind the technical aspect of most of the blogs, many things I have learned that I should apply to mine. Go ahead and check out the following blogs after reading a few reasons why I enjoyed visiting these.

I loved the dark background with bright letters and words for the color scheme of Crystal’s blog. I love how she has feature days like “Turquoise Thursday” and shares her favorite turquoise item for the week. I also love her side panel with her goals entitled “101 in 1001” and when she completes the goal she changes the color of the text for tracking.

I enjoy being able to visit Peanut Butter Finger’s blog on a daily basis and have on average three different posts by the end of the day to read. She posts pictures of the main things that she prepares for meals and the pictures are always very clear and easy to see.  She always has lots of comments on her posts and that signifies to me that I am not the only one keeping up with her recipes and ideas.

I enjoyed checking out the blog imanokie.  Her color scheme was eye appealing and did not make my eyes hurt. She had easy to navigate tabs at the top of her blog so that I could visit pages easily.

I think this blog is the first one I ever checked out.  I am neighbors with one of the blogger’s in laws and just love how she shares her ideas and creativity through her blog.  It is hard to believe just how neat her parties are and how well put together everythign is on the blog.  Definitely gets your creative juices flowing and reminds me that shopping around is a great way to score a deal and redo project!

I really liked how consistently open this blogger is.  She shares all of her thoughts and feelings and makes the reader (myself) laugh. She also included more than just pictures of food she made or ate so you can learn more about what surrounded the indulgence.

I liked how the blogger listed her favorite blogs on the side of her running blog, this helped me in order to find blogs similar to hers.  I also liked how honest she was and told her history of why she blogs about being fit and how important it was to her.  I do not like to read blogs where the blogger acts like she has always been a healthy eater and in tip top shape, I prefer honesty.

This blog had the links at the very top and was the first thing that I could click on, which made for very easy navigation. The pictures of the food were very crisp and it appeared that she had taken more than just a second to think about taking the picture, the food was always prepared and served on a plate or a nice surface.  I also like how on the side of the blog there were links to her thoughts aside from food and fitness.

I was surprised, but pleased to see the color scheme of this blog was very light and simple. She also had a featured workout link for easy access.  She also provided links to her Facebook and Twitter pages.

This is the first blog that I noticed the blogger’s biography was on the left side, which seems more appropriate to me since we read left to right.  The blogger also had a “Disclaimer” on her blog which reassured the reader that she is not  Registered Dietitian and that her blog is not to be used in place of a doctor.

I loved how this blogger also eats gluten free. I enjoyed looking at what she ate and the different things she created to eat that looked great! I also liked the links that were posted at the bottom of a few of her recent posts that might be of interest to the reader.

I enjoyed this blog because she had links under every post with links to specific topics that were covered and then related articles containing those topics.  I also found entertainment in her tabs at the top of the page, they did not have the normal names that post tabs do.

This blogger posted pictures and brief descriptions; sometimes I enjoy just skimming and figuring out the basics without reading about someone’s life that I do not follow normally.  I also liked the recipes posted directly with the pictures, instead of a link to the recipe.


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  1. Aw. thank you for including me in this list!

  2. Thanks for sharing your favorite blogs – I see a few I need to check out!


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